I partnered with Gin and Kathleen for the post-assessment. It’s also a good thing that we saw Jake again since it’s easier to teach someone you already know.

For the oral language and book orientation assessment, he did good. He was able to answer our questions and do what we told him to do. However, he was still a little bit shy talking to us.

He was also knowledgeable in the naming and sounding of the letters. He just had difficulty in distinguishing the letters I and E, since he often interchange them. His handwriting was readable and understandable too.

In the free writing assessment, he drew a robot again, which I heard from Kat that is the same from his pre-assessment. When we asked questions about it, he was willing to engage with us. He even said that the robot’s name is JP, and when we asked him why, he said, “Yun pangalan ko eh. Tanong mo kay papa.” He’s cute. :))

He also did well in the syllable tapping test. In fact, he answered them fast. However, he kind of had a difficulty in the phoneme tapping assessment. He did well for his age though.

He liked the ones with pictures very much. He was able to recognize them (Smart, Sardines, Alaska, etc.). We also asked what his favorite was among the ten pictures, and he immediately answered (he was giggling even) that his all-time favorite is Jollibee.. of course.

We read Kristine Canon’s Bakit Matagal Ang Sundo Ko?. He really enjoyed the illustrations. He was able to answer our questions again, though I noticed that he was a little distracted now as he wanted our session to end quickly for him to play. We also asked him if he were in the same position with the female child in the story about what he would also do. He said that he would do the same, just sit in the “bangko” and wait for his mom.

Overall, since it’s the last day, I had fun. I enjoyed this NSTP even though I’m struggling with six majors this semester. At least even in my busy days, I was able to impart my time, teach kids, and have a lot of fun.


Me and my friend decided to teach together. We got another boy. His name is Justin.

This one’s very different from Jake. He’s more outspoken, easily distracted, and willing to trade anything for games.

We started with making him guess the different sounds of animals. It was fun, really. He also imitated us after that. We kind of had a hard time telling the story of Teresa because he was slow to grasp what we were saying. We adjusted and slowed it down for him. He was also slow in matching the photos and the words. He had difficulty in differentiating the letters i and e and their sounds (ex. he spelled mais with maes, atis with ates). However, I think he really enjoyed the matching part though he was a bit overwhelmed with the number of pictures so we decided to reduce it instead.

He had a hard time focusing. He kept looking at his friend and giving signals for them to play later. However, I believe that he has a creative spirit within him, since I noticed that he loved drawing and coloring.



I think it’s because it’s already summer break that a lot of the students, including Miles, were not already going to their school.

However, it’s a good thing that I saw Jake, my friend’s tutee, so I decided to teach him instead along with another student (I forgot her name, though still we still smile to each other whenever we meet at Pavilion Hall).

Jake is a smart kid ever since. He was quick to distinguish the images and words that I let him answer. He is shy just like Miles, but he’s a fast learner, even my friends noticed that. He enjoyed the pares-pares activity. Actually, he enjoyed anything with pictures. He even got the “vague” pictures right, especially the “sama” picture, so I figured, maybe he has already established ease in figuring out and learning patterns (since all the words started with S.) He was also fast, though a bit shy, in telling the story of “Ang Pusa sa Loob ng Bahay”.

Moreover, what I really like about him is that he listens to every word I say when there’s a story. So, whenever I ask him a question related to the story/sentence cards, he also gets it right. He’s a very cute kid too.

I wasn’t feeling well this day but thankfully, Miles still remembered me!

I noticed that she really enjoys it whenever there’s a song activity prepared by us, especially when we both sang, “Kung Ikaw Ay Masaya.” She was still very shy, but I could notice her giggling in between her shyness. She also liked the letter “M” activities (saying Maan, mangga, maya, etc.). She was quick to note that, “Ay bakit puro letter M ate?” Moreover, she enjoyed very much identifying the photos and matching them with their names. She still had a hard time spelling, but I think with more teaching, she can do it well enough soon.


(Ps. I think I forgot to sign the attendance sheet this day since I hurried to Marikina for a medical appointment.)

I was absent on this day for I suffered from a couple of panic attacks (due to a mental problem). However, I asked my friend, Ralph, to look over Miles and make sure to have her taught by him or by someone else. He told me his friend taught her. I was glad about that.